Thinkr Review: Features, Cost, Is It Worth It? [in 2024]

Many of us have seen the ads of Thinkr numerous times while surfing the internet. But, have you ever wondered what this app is and why it is so popular?

Well, if you are one of them who likes to read and learn, then this app is for you. Want to know more about this application? Here is what you need to know.

Read this article till the end, and you will find what you were looking for.

What Is Thinkr And How Does It Work?

Thinkr is one of today’s popular book summary app. Solely designed for book lovers who do not find the time dedicated to reading.

thinkr review

This application focuses on bringing the best perspectives and ideas from bright minds. What they do is take primary insights from important documents, articles, and non-fictional titles and frame them briefly in the format of a summary.

This makes it easy for you to read the piece of information within minutes, stay updated. All in all, it is a vital resource for many readers. This application helps you focus on factual matters and not distract you from secondary events. So, the thing you learn from this application, you learn pretty well.

Thinkr’s functionality is different from any other application such as Blinkist or getAbstract, and they work pretty much the same way. It has a friendly interface primary enough for you to understand and uses a subscription model for its services.

Reading the excerpts here gives you the primary idea behind the events in the books, without the need for you to read a couple of pages. It saves both time and effort.

Features And Benefits Of Thinkr

Before choosing a product or an appliance, it is essential to go through its features and what benefits it will offer you. So, let us see what Thinkr has in store for its users.

#1 Get To Learn Something New Each Day

The best thing that I liked about Thinkr is that you get to learn something or the other every day, without a miss. Some applications just kill time. But, using Thinkr will help you do something productive every day.

#2 Easy Access

Thinkr didn’t set its compatibility so high that only limited devices could access the app. All you have to do is download this app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. However, before you download the thinkr on your device, I want you to create an account heading to their official website.

Yes, you must create an account first from your web browser and then use the credential to login into your respective devices.

#3 Thinkr Your Very Own Library

Thinkr is a well-known intelligent reading application with thousands and thousands of titles for book collections. And guess what, they keep on upgrading their library, bringing in every new release in their collection.

Again, Thinkr also allows all its users to customize their library. Yes, you sort out your favorite books and view all of them in one place. You can also save your favorite titles by bookmarking them so that you can read those later.

Furthermore, if you wonder how much time they take to update the library, I feel delighted to tell you that they update their collections regularly.

Thinkr has uncountable genres, and they have one to three books in each genre every week. Now I leave the calculation to you.

Also, the classics and older titles regularly get added to the collection. Therefore, you are never running out of reading.

#4 Smart Suggestions and Downloadable Contents

There are applications that you struggle with when browsing their collection. But, this does not stay with Thinkr. You can easily find your desired books’ new releases. And Thinkr keeps track of your browsing and later suggests titles based on your browsing history.

Furthermore, all the types of content you get to see on Thinkr are downloadable. So, you do not need to worry about fluctuating networks or power-cuts that can disrupt your reading. All you have to do is download your desired titles so that you can read or listen to them later on.

It has audio features as well. So, when you do not feel like reading, you can switch to audio mode instead. You can also listen to the clips while driving, exercising, cleaning, literally anything.

#5 Customizing Your Interface

Thinkr also gives all its users an allowance to customize the application’s interface according to their needs. Some may prefer low light, while some prefer bright light.

Also, Thinkr allows you to alter its text sizes, font faces, and audio settings as well. Customize the interface as you want it to be. After all, all you are doing is for maximizing your reading or listening experience.

#6 Categories

It hardly matters what subject has your interest, and you are likely to find your desired subject here on Thinkr.

Thinkr keeps a rich collection of Biographies, Titles on Business Niche, Current Affairs, Economics, Education, Financing like Budgeting, Money Control, History, Philosophies, Civics and Politics, Psychology, Religion, Theology, Parenting, Relationships, Science, Advancements and Technology, Society, Culture, Sports, and Adventures, Self-help.

No matter how you see it, you will never get bored.

How Much Does Thinkr Cost?

It is essential to understand its terms and conditions regarding the cost factor of anything. Thinkr has set up strict measures to be followed by everyone using it.

Firstly, a user must be at least 18 years of age before signing up for Thinkr. Also, Thinkr gives you a seven-day risk-free trial for you to understand how it works, its interface, its terms and conditions, and policies.

Secondly, you need to add your valid payment method and credit card credentials to initiate a successful, risk-free seven days of trial.

Coming on to the pricing, it uses two primary forms of subscription. One is monthly, while the other is the annual plan. If you choose the monthly plan, you will have billing of $9.99 a month.

However, opting in with the annual plan also gives you an additional discount and costs you 89.99 a year. This plan also gives you a chance to save your money by 25% every year.

It does not matter which plan you use. If you feel dissatisfied, you can cancel your membership anytime, without question.

Is Thinkr Worth It?

So, what do you think? Is Thinkr worth your time and money?

After all the things we have discussed so far, divulge that it is not as bad as an application. Also, its services are pretty good.

It has many features and can help you stay updated on anything you want. Being said, the only limitation is that it contains only non-fictional titles. But, it provides many features, and when you have a premium membership, you are given access to anything and everything that this app has.

Again, a user needs to be at least 18 years of age to create an account, and the user also needs to have a perfectly valid payment method to initiate your trial period. This application is an excellent choice for readers interested in discovering facts, and it does have a budget-friendly price.

And if you feel dissatisfied with how this app works, you are free to cancel your membership at any point in time.

So, before you conclude, try out its free trial now.

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