Audible Review: Features, Cost, Is It Worth It? [in 2022]

When it comes to audiobook apps and eBook platforms, you should always make the right choice. There are only countable platforms that would offer promising services, like Audible and Kindle Unlimited.

If you haven’t used Audible and are gathering information about it, you have reached the correct place.

In this article, we will review Audible, how it works, and much more.

What is Audible, And How Does Audible Work?

Founded in 1995 and launched in 1997, Audible is a platform for listening to podcasts and listening audiobooks.

audible review

With time Audible attracted the source of mainstream media; with its skyrocketing popularity. Audible is the largest producer and retailer of audiobooks. When you avail of Audible services, you can purchase and even stream your desired audiobook, podcasts, or any spoken-word content available.

You can buy its content individually or using its subscription model. You will also earn credits, and you can use these credits to access exclusive library content.

Audible does not work through complicated procedures; it is effortless to use. You first need to sign in to Audible to use a standard membership plan to let it work. Being a member, you will get an audiobook a month.

There are various subscription models; you may choose whichever you need. And the credits you get each month depends on the subscription plan you avail of.

Also, Audible allows you to access their Audible Original Podcasts, and you can stream it all; it’s unlimited. It also provides you with numerous exclusive and exciting offers throughout the month. And one such offer is Daily Deals; here, you can get up to 80%. discount

Features And Benefits Of Audible

Audible comes with many features, making them one of the best audiobook platforms. Here is what you need to know about its features –

#1 Free-Trials

One of the catchiest features of Audible is that they offer free trials. Before you finalize your subscription, Audible wants to ensure that you are pleased with their service.

Yes, Audible offers you a 30-day free trial. If you think you are pleased with their service, you can apply for your premium membership.

#2 Compatibility

There are plenty of ebooks and Audiobook platforms requiring a particular device to access. But, Audible is not limited to specific device support when it comes to compatibility. You will be able to run Audible on any device, be it iPhone, Android, laptops, or desktops; it hardly matters.

#3 Very Affordable

Audible is very budget-friendly. You have two possible options, either you go for annual plans or monthly plans. There are various subscription models available; you may choose as you please.

Its Plus plan starts from $7.95 a month, whereas the premium plan starts from $14.95 a month. Affordability is a significant factor here; the first audiobook you purchase is free.

Also, you get credits based on your plan. These credits can be exchanged for books.

#4 Whispersync For Voice

Whispersync is a pretty impressive feature. To use this feature, you need both Kindle and Audible.

For instance, if you leave while listening to a title and wish to read the rest on Kindle, opening Kindle will automatically redirect you to where you left off. It also works the opposite way, perfectly.

However, three conditions need to be satisfied to let the Whispersync work.

  1. Both the books should be available on Kindle and Audible
  2. Purchase the two versions of Whispersync
  3. Both your Audible and Amazon accounts should be in the same place. Purchasing a book from Amazon UK and purchasing the audiobook from Amazon, USA would not activate the Whispersync feature.

#5 Refund Policy

Before you pick a subscription, you should read and understand its terms and conditions. What if you end up not liking a title that you purchased? Will it be refundable?

Yes. Audible does not compromise user experience. So, if you do not like a title, feel free to contact Audible and share your problem, and they will refund your money without asking a second question. They’ll issue a refund in case of inconvenience is caused at their end to avoid bad ratings.

Also, Audible provides you with a Great Listens Guarantee that states if you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you can always return the books you purchased within 365 days of your purchase.

#6 Listen To Popular Writers Narrating Their Novels

Audible is a brand when it comes to audiobook collections. It is such an application that stocks over 200,000 titles. The majority of its collections are classic titles and bestsellers.

Reading books feels nice, but when your favorite authors narrate their books to you, there is no better feeling than that. Hence to give you a pleasurable experience in Audible, there are plenty of professional voiceover artists who can immerse you in a story just with their story-telling skills.

#7 Audible Keeps Your Books Forever

Like I said, before you become financially engaged with Audible, it is essential to understand how they work.

Like, what if you feel the need to cancel your Audible subscription? Will you be allowed to do that? Yes. You cannot cancel their subscription, but pause your subscription for as long as you can.

But the exciting fact is, even after you have paused your subscriptions for months, you will still be able to access your books.

You never lose the books that you purchased.

How Much Does Audible Cost?

As we mentioned earlier in the article, Audible uses various subscription plans, and the credits depend on the type of subscription you are using.

Here are the subscription models of Audible –

Monthly Gold – When you cheose the Monthly Gold Plan, you get one credit a month for a value of $14.95.

Monthly Platinum – In the Monthly Premium plan, you will get two credits in a month, for a value of $22.95, i.e., $11.48 per credit.

Gold Annual – In this Annual Gold plan, the annual subscription is offered at a lesser price as the price increases. Yes, for the first year, you will get twelve credits at a rate of $9.96 a month, i.e., $119.50 a year. This pricing is valid for one year only.

You will be charged $12.46 per credit for years to come, i.e., $149.50 a year.

Platinum Annual – In this plan, you get two credits each month, for a value of $9.57 for each credit, i.e., you will be charged $229.50 a year.

Furthermore, there is also an Audible Plus plan, which is cheaper than the premium plans. The plus plan offers you access for $7.95 a month.

Is Audible Worth It?

Audible is the right place for you if you love listening to audiobooks and podcasts,

Its title collection, interface, and simplicity make it the best. And another good feature is you can listen to favorite authors while doing anything, be it playing, exercising, or traveling.

Also, it offers you a 30-day trial period to ensure you are ready to engage with them financially.

Now that you have read this article here, I hope you have found the help you were looking for. Overall, it is an excellent product, with incredible service. If you are looking for a platform with reasonable and affordable pricing models, it is worth it.

Not only that, you can access it on various devices, and you never lose your purchased books. Also, the recorded books are of high-quality audio.

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