Blinkist Vs. Headway: Features, Cost, Review [in 2024]

It is often a tough call to decide among two great applications. Choosing between books is even more complicated, and the same goes with Headway vs. Blinkist. If you are confused about the same, you’re in the right place.

This write-up will provide you with insights into both applications, helping you choose the best one for you!

Headway book summary app overview

Headway is a book reading platform that provides you with a summarized version of books that empowers readers with knowledge. You are given the option of reading or listening to the summary of the available books.

headway app - headway vs blinkist - book summary app comparison

It also provides you an option to set your goals, helping you to improve. It is easy to use and requires a subscription plan.

Specially designed for individuals who love reading but cannot manage their schedules.

Pros of Headway

  • Summaries of non-fictional books in just 15 minutes
  • Experts do all audio recordings
  • You get suggestions according to your choice
  • Tracks your progress
  • You get regular updates
  • It has an elegant design and friendly UI

Cons of Headway

  • You have to be upfront with your payments
  • Automatically renews without confirmation

Blinkist Overview

Blinkist is maybe the most well-known and popular book summary app. It is where avid book readers and info seekers come and read a summarized version of books, especially the non-fiction titles.

Blinkist vs Headway

It is effortless to use Blinkist because you can access it with your mobile, tablet, Amazon Kindle, and even PCs. All you have to do is download the application.

Its elegant user interface makes it easy to navigate the app and find what you are looking for! And it is a must for you if you are one of those who have this unconditional love for reading books.


  • Skips all unnecessary information
  • Scope of learning about different topics pretty faster
  • You can take up more without the need of making notes
  • Better book selection


  • You are going to miss the fun of story of the whole story or book
  • You will miss out on the spontaneity of big ideas and insights of some classic books

For a more detailed overview, read or Blinkist review here.

Headway VS Blinkist: Face-Off

Ease of use

Using both Headway and Blinkist is more or less the same.

Using Blinkist is pretty straightforward, as we said earlier in the article. All you have to do is download the application, pick your topic, and you are ready to get on with your reading journey. Blinkist provides you plethora of choices. Add it up in your library, and it is done!

Headway works the same as Blinkist. So, you need a smartphone, PC, or tablet to use this application. Download, then select your title and start reading.

That easy it is!

Availability Of Books

When the application is related to books, it is obvious to invest money into such platforms with a better and more extensive collection of books.

Here, Blinkist can provide a vast selection. Yes, it can give you more than 3,000 non-fictional titles to read. The interface of this application selects the featured books and updates them from time to time. It ensures that the users always get unique options.

In terms of book availability, Headway offers you a secondary option. It has less  books compared to Blinkist but still has hundreds of titles.

You can find only the prominent and current book summaries on Headway.

Price Factor

It is always better to invest in applications with an efficient cost factor and provide quality resources.

Like every other application that uses a subscription model, it gives you a free-trial period. The same goes for Blinkist as well. Blinkist provides you with a 7-day trial, and if you like it, you can engage with them financially.

If you are optimistic about the subscription plan, they offer you two pricing slabs. The first is a yearly plan for $99.99, while the second is a monthly plan for $15.99 a month.

Also, the monthly plan is much more expensive than the yearly plan, as it costs only $8.34 per month.

Headway works on the same subscription model but has three pricing slabs. It also gives you a free-trail period to access and understand the app better.

If you are positive for premium membership, you can avail of three options: weekly, monthly, and annual plans. The weekly cost is $8.99 per week, the monthly plan is $14.99, and the yearly plan is $89.99. It is way cheaper than Blinkist, but it has lesser titles.

Summary Quality

Both the applications are designed for letting users read the summary of various non-fictional titles within minutes. So, before you invest, it is crucial to determine which one certainly has a better collection and quality.

Reading summaries on Blinkist would drastically fail on recreating the mood of reading a book, but if you are eager to learn, you may sign up here.

Summaries on this platform tend to be more fact-based. To understand correctly, you need to learn the summary nicely.

Headway is no less than Blinkist, and it is almost the same. You need to learn the summary to understand the thing. However, the outlines here on Headway are pretty good. You will learn about every crucial information and other essential information if you follow.


Both the applications have good customer support service!

Blinkist has a responsive support service, but you have to contact them through emails only. However, you can contact Headway for support through emails or by contacting them through their toll-free number.

However, the most efficient way to ask for support is through emails.

Stand out Features: Headway Vs. Blinkist

Book Availability

The book availability of Blinkist is better compared to Headway. It is what makes a superior application to Headway.

As you have read, Blinkist has a broader collection of book summaries than Headway. It is perfect for readers, as they always like to have a lot on their plate and prepare a wishlist before reading a book.

So, Blinkist would be a better choice for avid readers.

Read or Listen: Headway

As you know that it is a platform for reading summaries, but I would like to tell you that there is more to this.

Not only can you read, but also you can listen to the summary if you are not up for some reading.

Blinkist is nowhere near with this feature, and this feature gives an extra point to Headway, making it superior to Blinkist! It is all because of the recorded audio quality.


Blinkist is an excellent choice for readers, as it satisfies all conditions that a reader would want. Yes, it has a more fantastic collection of better topics. The interface is easy to handle, not time-consuming, and pretty easygoing.

But, the content on Blinkist is okay-ish. You need to learn it properly to understand the details. And if you are into both reading and listening to the summaries, you know what to choose!

Headway is absolutely a good application. Yes, it has lesser collections, does support excellent audio, has an excellent quality outline, and is cheaper than Blinkist! If you are into listening to the summaries, then Headway is the place for you!

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