Headway App Review: Features + Is It Worth It? [in 2024]

Cannot manage time to read an entire book? Read the summary instead; at least you will stay updated about what the book is all about. But which book summary app do you need to do so? Headway is the place. Yes, Headway is a book summary app designed to help people like you.

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What Is Headway, And How Does It Work?

Your life can be overwhelming when you have so many things to deal with all at once, be it work, studies, or anything.   Sometimes, people who love to read do not find the time, which is why Headway was designed.

headway app review

Founded in 2019 and has an active user base of over 7 million, Headway is just like any other eBook and audiobook platform and works the same way. But, the critical difference is that you do not get to read books here; you get their summaries.

A summary that you can complete in less than 15 minutes. Headway provides you with both the options of reading and listening. Simple, isn’t it?

The functioning of the Headway app is not complicated at all. Headway works to empower you with knowledge. If you do not have much information about a specific book, you can search for it and read its summarized version in 15 minutes.

And this applies to documentaries and books as well. If you find the summary impressive, you can read the full version of the book.

Also, it has a vast collection of summaries, and you are much more likely to find anything and everything you are looking for.

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Features and Benefits of Headway

From the above information, you can understand that Headway has been built and designed differently. While other EBook and Audiobook platforms provide the whole title, Headway provides you with a summary.

Not just this, there is more to Headway, keep reading, and get to know its features –

#1 Book Summary

The first striking feature about the Headway App is that it does not keep full titles; all it contains is 15-min lengthy excerpts that can help you stay motivated.

Headway stocks excerpts of popular titles like the 5 AM Club, How to Talk to Anyone, and even Think and Grow Rich.

If you wish to learn about a classic or bestselling title, you can always do that by going through the summaries offered by Headway. It is not easy to manage time when it comes to reading books, as nothing goes as planned, and you get immersed in the title, leaving everything else.

Usually, it would take days to finish a title, but with Headway, you can do it in 15 minutes.

#2 Read or Listen

Many eBook and audiobook platforms are flooding the internet, but not all of them provide you both the option of reading and listening.

Headway provides you with both options. If you have enough time, you choose to read the excerpt, and when you are caught up with some work, you choose to work and listen to the summary, then an audiobook is a solution.

Listening is even more effective than reading and offers you a chance to enjoy multitasking. For instance, you can listen to it while exercising, doing household chores, or anything.

Listening to the summaries will take you back to the age of retro tapes, and you are going to love how it works. Professional voiceover artists record all the summaries on Headway. The reading and diction are pretty straightforward, and you will see the content sink in properly.

You can see a small play button in the middle. You can increase its speed or pause it for a while if you want to. The audio can work in a loop as well, so you can listen to it as much as you wish till you understand it properly.

#3 Set Your Goals

Headway has a vast collection of summaries, be it classics, fiction, sci-fi, non-fiction, or anything. You are going to find summaries of every possible title here on Headway.

And obviously, a new user may feel lost when they see such a vast collection. But, do not worry, Headway has already figured it out.

Yes, Headway has allowed every user to set their goals. As soon as you set your goals according to your interests, Headway will instantly filter the library according to your interests.

Headway also allows its users to set multiple goals at a time. No worries, you will not lose any information that your brain is absorbing. Headway boasts about its spaced repetition feature that assists your memory as well.

#4 Download And Read Or Listen Offline

Headway is a good app, and here is what makes it superb. First, it has a summarized version of books, making it easy for you to read as it does not take much time. Secondly, it also comes with audio-based summaries recorded by professionals.

Now, how about I tell you that Headway allows its users to download and read or listen to it later? Yes, this feature is there because sometimes network interruption can spoil your experience of reading books. Hence, being able to download it and read it later is convenient for many people.

So, you can download the content beforehand and listen to it later with peace.

How Much Does The Headway App Cost?

Like most applications, Headway is free to install on your device. But, how much does it cost for you to use it?

Do not worry, Headway is available at a very budget-friendly price, and its subscription model is further divided into three slabs, i.e., weekly, monthly and yearly. You can take a 7-day free trial, but you have to go with premium plans if you want access to more, as the trial period gives you only limited access to books.

Headway’s weekly plan costs around $8.99, and the monthly plan costs $14.99 per month. In this case, choosing a weekly plan for $9 will maximize your expense, so it is better to go with a monthly plan at $14.99 a month.

If you wish to cut off the burden of renewing your plans every month, you directly take an annual membership for $89.99. Now, if you are unsure of using it every month, drop the idea of the annual subscription.

The monthly plan is the standard subscription plan availed by users.

Is The Headway App Worth It?

After reading this article here, you must subscribe right away to Headway to access some of the best books; what are you waiting for?

Long story short, this app is designed for individuals who do not have much time to go through books, and nobody can read a title in peace if they have a lot of work to do. Here, Headway helps them stay updated about books, whether old or newly released bestsellers.

A reader can get some valuable information by using this app; it is evident that Headway asks for multiple subscriptions at a point in time. So, select such a plan that can keep you off these distractions and focus on getting quality material.

Headway’s interface and design are good, and it is pretty easy to navigate the application. So, if you are one of those who like to read but cannot manage time, this application is for you.

Go ahead, and try out its free trial today at https://apps.get-headway.com/.

Marilyn Nissen
Written by Marilyn Nissen

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