Apple Books Review: Features, Costs, Is It Worth It? [in 2024]

If you love reading or wish to build a good reading habit, indeed, Apple Books is a highly recommended platform. But, if you wish to learn about this application and know how it works, you have reached the right place. 2024

In this Apple Books review, you will find all the necessary information about Apple books, and we will also review its main features.

What Are Apple Books And How Do They Work?

You have been in touch with Apple for long enough, and you will undoubtedly know that there is an eBook reading platform called iBooks. This iBooks went through transformation and now is called Apple Books.

Apple books review

Therefore, Apple Books is an eBook store and reading platform solely designed and developed by Apple for their macOS and iOS devices.

Compared to iBooks, Apple Books has bagged a lot of exciting features, user interface, and its organization’s features have significantly improved.

But why an eBook platform when you can directly purchase a book and read all you want? Here is the fact, this application is solely designed for people who love to read but are unable to find some quality-reading time.

Reading a book feels nice as it lets you discover more, and these platforms provide you with everything you need, be it the classic titles from Shakespeare or documentaries. So, there is no need for you to go out, buy a book and then start reading when you can purchase books here, more.

Not just this, Apple Books have certainly more to it. Keep reading.

Features and Benefits of Apple Books

As we had told you before in this article, compared to its older version iBooks, the Apple Books has significantly improved and bagged a lot of new features to advance your reading experience. So, let us take a quick look at what Apple Books has to offer.

#1 Reading Now

Remembering the page number of the books you read is always quite tricky. And this gets tougher if you are jumping from books to books. But it’s not an issue in digital books because you can find the page you were reading with the help of the Reading Now feature.

But this has been made easy with Apple Book’s Reading Now feature. Whenever you open the application, clicking on Reading Now instantly takes you back to the last page you left off. So, it does not matter whether you are reading multiple books or just one. This feature is going to help you get back where you left off.

Furthermore, this feature comes with an additional sub-feature that gives you fully personalized recommendations analyzing the genre and type of books or novels that you were reading.

#2 Customize Your Library

Another striking feature of Apple Books is that it lets you customize your library the way you prefer.

Yes, there are plenty of collections that you can find in Apple Books, and you can keep your books anywhere you want in the application. Also, they allow you to create your very own collections to access them anytime you wish quickly.

This also comes with a pretty nice sub-feature called Finished Collection. This Finished Collection keeps track of all the novels, books, and everything you completed. And you can re-read any of those just by clicking on this tab.

#3 Huge Collection

Apple Books has a great collection of books. Be it regular sci-fi, fiction, or classic titles by Jane Austen, Lewis Caroll, or newly released best sellers. You can find every book you want.

So, all you have to do is browse its collections and pick the book you wish to read. Consider readings, reviews, and descriptions to determine if the book and its story truly interest you. Just add it to the Want to Read wishlist when you find your book.

You can choose from recent bestsellers or the editor’s choice list.

#4 No Subscription Model

The good news is that Apple Books doesn’t offer a subscription model, which makes them superior to other applications. They require no monthly or yearly subscription for you to read their collections.

They host popular services here; you get special offers, discounts, and Top Free Charts to buy a book for free. And some titles are free exciting, isn’t it?

Apple Books only asks for money, only when you buy a book. This feature makes it more appealing to light readers and avid readers.

#5 Audiobooks

If you thought that this application is limited to just eBooks, you might want to give it a second thought after this.

No, Apple Books is not limited to just the eBook reading features. It also has more to offer. Yes, it also contains audio versions of the titles as well.

Reading is good, but you understand well when you listen. The Audiobook sections boast about is incredible audiobook collections recorded by famous authors, celebrities, and actors. Can you imagine how immersed you will get when listening to these audiobooks?

#6 Reading Goals

Apple Books have released a feature called Reading Goals.

This feature comes in handy if you are looking forward to developing your reading habits. Now, when you set it up, it will track the total amount of time that you spend in a day reading on Apple Books.

This does not stop right here, and the Reading Goals feature also celebrates your accomplishments. It does not matter whether you opt for a regular reading goal, a streak, or how many books you have read annually; it does not matter.

This application is of great value, which does not only help you read whichever book you want and helps you build habits, hon your skills, and lets you venture and discover more.

How Much Do Apple Books Cost?

Unlike every other eBook reading platform that works on a subscription model, Apple Books is not subscription-based.

Yes, Apple Books does not work on a subscription model, and this is because they wanted to provide the light readers a platform, and paying for something that they are less likely to use often is just a waste of money.

However, Apple Books certainly cost some money when you purchase a book. A newly released bestseller would cost as roughly as $30, while you can get a hold of previous releases in just a few bucks.

Not just this, Apple Books is such a platform where they provide special offers, free books, and an eye-catching feature known as Top Free Chart, where you can buy books for free.

So, you can access books for free, purchase books, dive into the world of Reading, and discover all you want.

Are Apple Books Worth It?

Now that you have read the entire write-up, you know that this application is for avid readers and light readers. For book readers, this application is no less than a jackpot. Trust me on this.

Apple Books is one of the best places for reading books online. What makes it superior is its customizable library, Top Free Chart, special offers, and its audiobook feature. You can browse and customize your application your way, and you can listen to audiobooks anywhere and anytime does, no matter if you are playing, driving, or working.

Now, there are plenty of e-Book reading platforms that can give a tough competition, but Apple Books buying procedures, user interface, and organizational features are certainly more streamlined.

If you are pumped to experience its services, embrace the Apple Books application now.

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