MentorBox Review: Features, Cost, Is It Worth It? [in 2022]

Looking forward to learning something on MentorBox, but unsure of how it works, its features, subscriptions, and if it’s worth it? You have found the right place.

MentorBox is a great book summary application that helps everyone that wants to get the knowledge of non-fiction books without reading them completely. If you wish to know what makes it great, then take a seat and read this MentorBox review till the end.

What Is MentorBox and How Does It Work?

Like every other summary reading application, MentorBox is an application that works on the same principle by helping people grab and spread knowledge quicker than reading the entire title. In other words, you get to turbocharge your learnings as MentorBox provides you with book summaries right from its author.

mentorbox review

The idea on which these applications work is pretty impressive and appealing. You get to listen to it all from the author, and you jump off straight to the facts that only strengthen your learning.

Again, each book has a bit more to it. Each book comes with a cheat sheet to make your brain absorb the bits and pieces of information; this helps you ensure that you have understood and learned everything the book offered. Also, once you complete the cheat sheet, they will fix an interview with the authors. Rest, you can guess.

MentorBox is a pretty cool application, and you can find more or less every topic related to financing, leadership, and development here. Also, unlike other applications, MentorBox provides you with live sessions and online courses and helps you excel in your interest field.

Keep reading to find out what MentorBox has in stock for you.

Features and Benefits of MentorBox

Like I said, using MentorBox is pretty cool as it comes with many features. –

#1 Video Workshop

Many applications provide you with the benefits of listening to audiobooks and summaries. But, MentorBox features Books on Video.

Here you benefit from learning from the authors and experts teaching their books to you. Learning all by yourself is pretty cool and builds your confidence, but if you wish to excel on your interesting topics, you should opt for MentorBox’s online courses and live sessions.

#2 Member Discussions

Social learning plays a vital role in the initial stages of life, as you get to see and understand people’s perspectives and gather a vast amount of knowledge and experience.

If you are up for some of this, MentorBox can help you with its live sessions. You will get to talk with CEOs, Authors, Entrepreneurs, and many other influential individuals.

Taking part in these events can help you gain knowledge, confidence, and, most importantly, clarity in life. And what’s even more interesting is that you get to access this for free, and it comes with MentorBox’s premium membership.

MentorBox does not stop at this, and there is more.

#3 Audio Lessons and Tidbits

If you thought MentorBox to be quite a basic application, I want you to give it another go. Think what you were missing all this time.

Yes, not only live events, but MentorBox also allows users to listen to some unimaginably powerful audiobooks and lessons.

These audiobooks and lessons are created in collaboration with influential individuals who can impact you and motivate you to grind harder. When you listen to these, they can boost your creativity, ideas, and learning.

It does not matter if you listen to being at home or hustling at the gym. MentorBox has got you covered.

#4 Cheat Sheets and Booklets

MentorBox ensures that whatever you learn on this platform, you learn it quickly, and all the information and knowledge you have adequately gathered sinks in.

For this, MentorBox has come up with their Cheat Sheet and booklets that help you learn with utmost efficacy within a window of 10 minutes.

Complete a title within 10 minutes using the cheat sheets, and dive deep into the booklets that test and enhance your memory.

#5 Physical MentorBox Goodies

An ocean of applications provides eBooks, audiobooks, and summaries. But did you get in touch with such an application that provides you with both online and offline services?

Yes. MentorBox is the one after all. A physical box is sent to any user who subscribes to MentorBox. It contains the physical subscription plan and some extra goodies for the subscriber. After all, there is a fine line between the physical box and an online subscription.

You will find several books (as per your subscription plan), Flash drives containing video lessons, and book summaries when you open the box.

The books contain cheat sheets, study guides, and worksheets. Also, you get bookmarks and magnets too.

#6 Compatibility

What is the use of subscribing to an application if it does not support your device? I have personally been there, but you do not need to worry about it because MentorBox does not have such compatibility parameters.

You can easily access MentorBox on your regular smartphones (both iPhone and Android), desktops, laptops, and tablets. Download the app, and get on with it. Or, if you do not have a phone yet, you can avail of the physical box from MentorBox.

#7 Collections

When it comes to the collection, other apps can prove to be superior to MentorBox, but it does not back down easily.

MentorBox has a good collection of books about Leadership, Financing, Psychology, Personal Development, and Business. It is also a fact that MentorBox has maximum books on the business niche.

And not to mention its services, it is fantastic. Starting from live events to physical boxes, it is excellent. Go ahead and try it out.

How Does MentorBox Cost?

When you end up checking about MentorBox after seeing an unimaginable amount of ads over the internet, you can clearly understand that this application uses a subscription model and provides you with three days of trial.

So, all you have to do is head to the site and choose your subscription plan based on your needs. As you complete the formalities like filling in your name, proving your credit card credits, etc., you will be given three days for trial. Then they will automate your package every month or yearly, whichever you have opted for.

Now, MentorBox has two different pricing slabs, and one is yearly while the other is monthly. If you opt for monthly, it will cost you $7 a month; you will access all the online learning and live events with this plan. Now, if you are willing to cut off the monthly recharges and wish to select monthly, you will be charged $59 a year.

Also, the physical box is pretty pricey, and it will cost you around $89 a month.

Do apply wisely, based on your needs.

Is MentorBox Worth It?

So, will it be worth it if you subscribe to MentorBox? What do you think?

Honestly, this is a perfect app that can help you a lot in life. This app functions in such a way that makes it no less than a school. Numerous students are using this and making progress. Also, you will get life-changing lessons from influential and renowned individuals, and you can learn anything from this application anywhere, anytime.

All its services are excellent, and just in case you are not satisfied with how this application functions, there is nothing to worry about.

MentorBox provides you with a 30-day guarantee that is bound to refund your money. And if you wish to cancel your subscription, you can do it anytime.

All in all, it is worth a try. Sign up for a free trial now.

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