The Science Of Getting Rich Summary – A Law of Attraction Finance Books You Must Read By Wallace D. Wattles

Wallace D. Wattles is not a name that may be familiar when first taking a look at this book title. There is a reason for this: The Science of Getting Rich was first published in 1910.

The very idea that this book is even relevant today, 112 years later, much less a timeless bestseller. The Science of Getting Rich also inspired Rhonda Byrne’s hit book The Secret which explores the theme of The Law of Attraction.

This is is a summary of The Science Of Getting Rich, highlighting the best concepts and ideas we have got from reading it and we are also going to tell you whether it is worth reading the complete book.

The Science Of Getting Rich Summary

An interesting choice for Wattles to place “Science” in the title of the book, as it would reasonably make the reader assume that this will be a mathematical and heavily numeric academic project filled with step-by-step instructions.

the science of getting rich book summary - wallace d. wattles

A more fitting description for this book can be summarized by the words “philosophy” and “mindset”. The entirety of this book is set on attracting abundance, and utilizing your desire for wealth and a mentality of plenty, and fueling the motivation towards success, whether it be financial or otherwise.

Although the book title advertises richness, it has much more depth and substance to it and introduces the topic now known as the Law of Attraction, which is a philosophy that positive energy and the belief in abundance will attract and manifest these very things.

Richness and wealth are not all monetary, the content presented in this book can be attributed to learning a new skill or developing areas where you feel you are weak.

The most important points for this book will be covered below and have been summarized into three main points.

Best ideas from The Science Of Getting Rich

True Fulfillment: Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health

The book starts by dispelling the myth that being rich is the same as being greedy. There is a common misconception that all who are rich are scared of losing their money and will stop at no limit to ensure that it is being hoarded away from everyone else. On the other hand, not having enough resources causes a scarcity mentality, and even worse, a self-defeating mindset that even if you could get rich, you would be associated with being evil.

There is a popular quote in this book and this is can be paraphrased: “If you want to help the poor, demonstrate to them they can be rich; by becoming rich yourself” – Wallace D. Wattles. Wallace explains in this section that we must first seek fulfillment and balance, and a critical component to achieving true fulfillment is having enough money.

If the money that is earned is spent on a healthy diet, forming and nurturing relationships, staying in great health, and helping those less fortunate, it is by definition your journey to success must include the journey to becoming wealthy.

They said money is the root of all evil is contrasted in this book, as money can afford to nourish your body through higher quality food, nourish your mind with quality challenges and peace, and nourish your soul through relationships and other personal beliefs.

The better saying is that the Love of money is the root of all evil; it is only when we have a scarce mentality and hoard our riches that we become toxic and greedy.

Use Your Unique Talents and Encourage Others To Do The Same

Wattles explores the method of visualization in this book and explains it further. Through proper visualization, one can start to envision their dreams becoming reality. It is not enough to see what you want, but also to explore all the senses and impact it will have.

When utilizing visualization, let yourself specify the result, see the result, imagine how others around you feel and act when they are with you, who you could be helping, and how it would change your life.

It is not enough to visualize the end goal, for it to be manifested you must act. To reach success the first step after formulating your plan is overcoming the fear of getting started. This is where action must be taken so that the environment around you can change and nurture you towards creating a better future and achieving success.

The lessons of the first section come into play here as well, as Wattles stipulates that you must be of one mind, one body, and one spirit to work towards a more successful future. Only when these three things are in harmony can the true journey begin; when the body and mind are working towards different goals you will feel imbalanced and uneasy. Focus on your talents and align yourself, and the more that you will succeed in this way the more success that will ultimately follow.

Letting go of Societal Constraints

At the time, media was not as quick and prevalent as it is today, and yet, Wattles knew that too much exposure to messages within our society harms our way of being. A more modern and better title for this section would be “Cutting out the BS” and more importantly, not comparing yourself to others, especially those that are not within your immediate circle.

This section of the book can be compared to a Venn diagram, where the overlap is between talent and passion. Finding the area where these two things meet is the first step in the approach to identifying your method of journeying towards your goal.

If you love what you do, and learn quickly to master that craft, it will let you become successful, happy, and positive at the same time. According to Wattles, having these three things will further attract abundance to you and success will be quick and will come much easier.

The Science Of Getting Rich review – Should You Read The Complete Book?

It is easy to heavily criticize this book as some of the concepts may be simple or too focused on outdated information. However, if discernment is used, then this book can be considered a huge diamond in the rough by today’s standards. The fact that this book still has a positive impact on wealth and abundance and inspires further action and authors makes it a guide that has stood the test of time.

Those that should read the entirety of this book can fall into two different categories: those that believe that having large sums of money is unethical or immortal; and those that have a scarcity mentality and want to live a life and mindset of abundance.


Wattles writes about concepts that were revolutionary at the time and allow readers to empower themselves towards achieving financial success. When you can picture your end goal and act, you can manifest these dreams into reality. Whether young or old, anyone can increase their riches with Wattles’ timeless teachings.

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