What Is Headway? How Does The Headway App Work? [in 2022]

Are you a lazy reader like me or lack time for reading? Today I thought of bringing my audience’s attention to a decent reading app: Headway. I found it to be a great and useful book summary app.

In this article, I will summarize the most important thing you have to know about it, like what Headway is, how does the Headway app work, and more.

Let’s dive in.

What Is Headway App?

A good reader can understand the requirements of another reader. Therefore, some readers like you have created an app known as Headway to make this world easy for learners.

what is the headway app

The day seems short to you to be sufficient enough to work on self-development? Headway app is there for you! Just install it and follow the path to get focused and become a better person.

It happened to me many times that I bought a book, read it, and got disappointed by its content. The same doesn’t happen to you, that’s why I thought to share my experience of Headway.

Be among the smartest 5 million-plus users who took the responsibility for themselves to be a better version of themselves with the help of the Headway app. Getting curious to know more about Headway? Good to go, let’s continue!

How Does the Headway App Work?

Headway is like a guide to you if you honestly want one. It will find you everything which you are looking for and lacking. Let us understand it through an example: if you lack money-saving techniques then set a goal on Headway then enter book summaries that can help you in doing so and look at how everything relevant is in front of your eyes.

The app doesn’t work like giving a task to you and forgetting, it has a handy tracker so that you can check your progress. As you move on to completing the summaries and go down the list, it raises the percentage pole by ticking the tasks. You don’t have to bother in making a daily planner, it will get you done.

Have problems remembering the summary tips? Don’t worry! There is a separate feature for repetition to help you with that.

How Much Does Headway App Cost?

The app is free to install but it will require you to sign up with any of the membership packages available there. The packages may cost you somewhere around 6.99 USD for a week to 89.99 USD per annum.

If you’re a Spanish or English-speaking person then what’s better than that. Headway operates in both languages.

You can take a free trial but with restricted access, this is just to give a taste of the headway app. Yes! You can say that a free trial is like a teaser to a movie.

Don’t have time to read a complete book? It just takes 15 minutes of your day to have complete knowledge of a book. If you liked the summary then you can go for red g the whole book.

Is Headway Worth It?

You can have the free trial and infer on your own whether it feels worthy to you or not. But in the general sense, I would say it is remarkably useful as it helps people in focusing all the time. It suggests you book summaries accordingly, track your improvement, plan your day, and what all you need and expect from an app.

In getting success the most important thing is to set the goal first, but many people fail in that too. With the headway app, you can easily set your targets and things that you wish to improve upon. According to your interest, the app will plan book summaries that you need to read or listen to for your improvement.

Does Headway App Have Audio Summaries?

Yes! It has. You can get a summary of books both in audio or text format. Not getting sleep, unable to read? Turn on the audiobook summary of Headway, use it as a sleeping song. This will help you to get both sound sleep and knowledge. You can go anywhere with your earplugs in and audio summary running through it, don’t even have to bother reading. Wow!


Getting recommendations and piling up books to read is a time taking and boring work for some. For people like these, the headway app brings the best nonfiction publications from all around the world. Now, be a smart person, read summarized books with top tips and insights!

Marilyn Nissen
Written by Marilyn Nissen

Marilyn Nissen is the founder of BestSellerSummary.com, a highly reputable book summary and reviews website. With over a decade of experience in summarizing and reviewing books, Marilyn is a trusted authority in the book industry.