What is Blinkist? How does the Blinkist App Work? [in 2022]

Are you struggling to finish a non-fiction book? Undecided where to read next because of the updates? Or simply you don’t have the time to read your favorite books? Blinklist is the get-to-go-and-read app that will help you digest the idea and thoughts inside your favorite reader.

What is Blinklist?

So, what is Blinkist?  Blinklist is a book summary app that presents a wide range of book summaries. It is pre-read by the blink list experts and formatting it into a 15-minute readable summary which ables you to understand the book you are reading quickly.


How does Blinklist work?

Blinkist processes books into a readable summary. How do they process the books into a readable summary? As explained above, the Blinkist team gathers the book, reads, identifies the key insights, is called a blink, and then puts it in the summarized story.

Additionally, the summary is available within an hour or less, making your reading experience with Blinklist good. Download the Blinkist app on Google Play or Apple Store

First and foremost, you have to download Blinklist through Google Play for Androids and Apple Store for IOS. Downloading the app through the google and apple store is free, and no charge is imposed. Of course, a free subscription means limited access to the app’s perks.

Search for your favorite books and browse any of its 27 Categories

After you finish the first and second steps, search for your specific book preference by clicking the left corner of your library view, then you’ll see the magnifying search icon. Click the icon then a search bar will appear.

Then enter your book’s keyword title or author then it will bring you results. Continuing to this, click the “Discover” in the library then an array of the overview will expand. Categories such as Entrepreneurship & Small business, Politics, Marketing & Sales, etc., are bundled inside this app. Notable, isn’t it? Check out the popular books section by navigating other units on Blinklist.

Check out the popular books by navigating the “See popular titles,” which is in the top right corner. The thing behind this navigation button is that it looks like a category overview page, but it is grouped into the most read blinks on the site.

Inside these blinks are a few editor’s picks and the latest summaries. Also, recently added books encourage readers to look into these updated books. The reason behind why Blinklist said it is because it promotes other books and niches that you might want to read.

Furthermore, these books are a product of Blinklist’s algorithm or those books that the readers mostly read.

How much is Blinklist’s Subscription Cost?

To have full access to their service and features of Blinklist, you’ll need to purchase the premium version. It has two schemes of the plan. The first is the monthly premium plan for $12.99 and the annual plan for only $6.67. That’s 50% off compared to the monthly schedule of Blinklist, which makes it AFFORDABLE and makes it a good deal for users just like you!

On the other hand, there is a seven-day trial to try full access to Blinklist. That would cost you nothing, but Blinklist will ensure that your seven-day problem will never waste. After your seven-day trial, Blinklist will give you the option to purchase the app or not, better if you are buying Blinklist.

Is Blinklist Worth it?


It is worth giving a try, and purchasing it may give you a better experience reading your favorite books. Blinklist assures you of saving you time, without spending so much time on books you are reading. Blinklist has Purchasing the Premium access or testing it to waters for seven days allows you to access over 5000 book titles plus they include the other feature for the application.

Here are the additional features; Audio Versions for their summaries. It also saves your entire library offline, syncs your highlight to Evernote (An online bookmark app), and sends your favorite summaries to your Kindle account. Get your Blinkist account today.

Marilyn Nissen
Written by Marilyn Nissen

Marilyn Nissen is the founder of BestSellerSummary.com, a highly reputable book summary and reviews website. With over a decade of experience in summarizing and reviewing books, Marilyn is a trusted authority in the book industry.