Review: Features, Cost, Is It Worth It? [in 2022] is a great audiobook app that makes it possible to buy audiobooks from your local bookstore. In this review, you will get all the information about that you have been looking for like features, costs, and whether is worth it.

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What is and How Does It Work? was launched in 2013; this site provides quality audiobooks over a subscription model. But was released with a more prominent cause. When the era of eBooks and audiobooks emerged, our local people in business struggled to keep up with the flow. The applications were washing off our local businesses. review

To prevent this, in 2013, was launched to counter Amazon. After registering with, you can get the desired books from your nearest bookstore. has partnered with many of our local bookstores who supply with books which they later convert into audiobooks. works in a pretty impressive manner. When you invest a sum of money on this application, you also give your local bookstores a significant part in supporting their business.

And it is time to look at the features and benefits of, keep reading.

Features and Benefits of

Now that you know that was launched with the sole purpose of competing with Amazon’s Audible; let us take a glance at what has to offer to all its users –

#1 Free Trial

Many applications give limited access to their users on a trial period, but is not anything like that. Even after you are on trial, you can access and utilize the fully.

Another impressive fact about the free trial is you can download their content. Yes, you can download as many books as you want, and once the trial period gets terminated, the books will still be there in your library. You get a 30-day free trial, and you are allowed to download their audiobooks, and after the trial ends, you still get to keep the books. Impressive right?

Again, there are significantly fewer applications programmed to notify when their free trial ends, and is one of them. notifies you when your free trial is about to terminate.

#2 Collection

If you have ever used an eBook reading platform, you know that the collection and size of their library are paramount. is aware of this fact and has a vast library. has enough titles to make all its subscribers happy. Yes, it has over 250,000 titles in its library.

It holds extensive titles in its library, and you are more likely to find any bestseller in there. And their library keeps on expanding.

With an expanding library full of audiobooks, I bet you are going to love it all.

#3 Cost Factor

Another critical factor that influences app selection is the cost factor. Yes, it does. The more budget-friendly it is, the more people will embrace it.

Now coming on to’s costs; well, it is not expensive. For instance, you may think it would be pretty expensive as it does offer excellent services starting from its free trial. No, it is not expensive at all.’s subscription is almost the same as the Audible subscription plan, i.e., $14.95 per month. What makes it so special is that a significant part of the money goes back to the community that partners with.

And like other audiobook applications, gives you credits as well.  Yes. You get one free credit every month.

#4 Credits Do Not Expire

Another notable feature of the is that its credits do not expire until you use it. Compared to its competitors, they offer you credits that are valid for a predetermined amount of time. But, is in no way similar to its competitors.

As with Audible’s premium membership, the credits will disappear after a year if you haven’t used them in due time, and this is where takes away the point.

#5 DRM Free Audio

Other audiobook platforms offer high-quality audio, but chances are they may not be DRM free or copyright-free. But, this is not the case with

The audio from is entirely DRM free. DRM stands for Digital Rights Management; in other words, you can say it is copyright.

When you engage financially with Libro fm, not only are you lending a hand to support your native businesses, but you are also getting DRM or copyright-free audio.

So, if you download their content and use it on some other site, you will not need to delete it.

#6 Using Is Very Easy is an excellent application for audiobooks; it has a great user interface and has essential functions. There is no way one would feel confused while using this application.

Compatibility-wise, you can access it from our regular devices such as computers, smartphones (both Android and iPhones), tablets, literally any device you like.

#7 Support Local Businesses

Financially engaging with gets you your desired books in audio formats and gives you a chance to support your native businesses.

Yes, has partnered with many of your native bookstores, supplying the actual books and converts them into audiobooks. Because today the majority of us read books online, and the bookstores and eBook platforms are washing off the actual bookstores.

Now, takes books from stores and converts them to audiobooks. And the central part of’s income goes to your native bookstores, supporting the community.

How Much Does Cost?

Like I said earlier in this write-up, is available at a very budget-friendly price and comes with many features and good motives.

Talking about the free trial has a validity of 30 days. During the free-trial period, all its users get to access all its content, download its contents, and when this trial period ends, you don’t lose your downloaded books. is available at a pocket-friendly cost of $14.99 each month. For this, you get a credit each month. You can use these credits in exchange for purchasing audiobooks from

Not just this, also thinks about our community as well. They are partners with over 150 local stores that supply books, and later they convert the books into audiobooks. For such help, gives the majority of its income to local businesses in support.

Furthermore, if you intend to purchase a book, you receive a 30% discount on a la carte purchases, and you also get gifts.

There are two types of memberships with; the monthly memberships are currently available to two countries, the United States of America and Canada, while the gift membership plans are open to all.

Is Worth It?

Honestly, yes. When it comes to, investing each penny is worth it. provides you with everything that a reader or listener would ever want.

Starting from its trial period, giving unlimited access to its contents, never expiring credits, exciting deals to support local business is just awesome.

It is what makes this application so unique. I have given you every possible reason to choose this if you are looking for an audiobook platform.

The call is your; why not sign up for its free trial and test its waters. Go ahead and apply for its free trial, and I bet you will not be disappointed.

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