Instaread Review: Features, Costs, Is It Worth It? [in 2022]

There are hundreds of apps for reading book summaries, but people often choose Instaread’s when it all comes down to reading book summaries. But is Instaread monthly subscription worth it?

Do not worry; we’ll give you a review of Instaread in this article. So, make sure you read this article till the end.

What Is Instaread and How Does It Work?

If you are looking for a good and reliable book summary application, Instaread is one of the best apps on which you can lay your hands. It was launched in 2014, and many such applications were launched with time flow. Guess what, even now, Instaread has a firm hold over its ground.

Instaread review

If you look closely, you will find other applications that provide summaries majorly on non-fiction titles. Still, on Instaread, you will find quality summaries of both fiction and non-fiction titles as well. Instaread is considered the best when it comes to alternatives for Blinkist and getAbstract.

Now, let us glance at how this app works, shall we?

You can install Instaread on your device for free, but this app works on a subscription model. Therefore, you can access its content only when you have a free trial or a membership. To register, you may use your Gmail account or your Facebook account.

If you log in, you will see the interface of this application is pretty basic, primary enough for a kid to handle it. Honestly, Instaread went simple with their platform and has not crammed the application with puzzling features.

After logging in, you will see four tabs named Discover, Library, Search, and Account.

Now, let’s see what features Instaread has to offer.

Features And Benefits Of Instaread

Before you sign up, it is essential to check the features of an application and the benefits that you will get. Here is what you need to know about the features of Instaread.

#1 Collection

Not only collection, but Instaread also comes with a plethora of genres and categories presented in a different content format. Let me share the genres and categories with you:

Business & Economics, Health & Fitness, Self-Help, Fiction, History, Political & Social Sciences, Religion, Science, Biographies, Arts forms, and Entertainment, Leadership and Management, Sports Recreation, Personal Growth, Literary Fiction, Diet and Nutrition, Historical Fiction, Medicals, Body, Mind and Spirit, Romance, Philosophy,  Relationships, Military, Entrepreneurship, Financing, Parenting, Humor, and Referencing.

Too many categories, right? These are the categories, and there are unlimited books in each category.

But here is the fact that Blinkist or getAbstract beats Instaread when it comes to a collection.

#2 Instaread Originals

Instaread has an important feature called Instaread Originals. Instaread stocks all its exclusive pieces of content here. You can easily browse your favorite book and read its summary. Here you can find summaries of fictional and non-fictional titles and books based on a person.

#3 Compatibility

Many applications are compatible with only specific devices when it comes to device compatibility. But, the good news is Instaread is nothing like that.

Yes, you can easily access this application on our regular devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones (both Android and iPhones).

#4 Read or Listen

Several summary reading applications come with only a reading feature. Here Instaread makes the difference. This application supports both reading and listening.

Sometimes, we do not feel like reading anything, and if somebody tells us what the story is all about in detail, we would appreciate it a lot. Well, our wish has been granted. If you do not feel like reading the summary for 15 minutes, you can switch to audio mode and listen to it.

And yes, you can use this feature while doing anything, be it driving, writing, or exercising. You will also experience how it feels when you multitask. Good, isn’t it?

#5 Download And Go Offline

What if I told you that Instaread allows all its users to download its content and read or listen to it later? Yes, they do. Many applications do not support the same, but Instaread does.

Sometimes, it is not possible to read over the internet, and it could be a fluctuating network, power-cut. To safeguard your reading or listening experience from these distractions, Instaread has enabled this feature of downloading their content and reading or listening without interruption.

#6 Customer Support

There are many reasons to contact for support; it can be a refund or other technical problems.

Instaread has a fantastic support service when it comes to asking for support. The team functions excellently well in resolving one’s issues.

#7 Pricing

Pricing plays a crucial role in using an eBook or audiobook platform. The pricing of Instaread is excellent, affordable, and budget-friendly.

Usually, it takes $8.99 a month, but you can opt for yearly plans to reduce the hassle of renewing your plans every month. If you choose instaread’s yearly plan, it will cost you $7.99 a month.

The price point is roughly the same compared to its alternatives such as Blinkist and getAbstract.

#8 Formatting

Instaread uses a different approach when it comes to formatting its summaries. When you open up a summary, you will find an introductory overview. Then you can find the critical insights to the summary listed.

Then comes the list of people who have contributed to this title, followed by the author’s style. You can find sufficient information on how the author writes or has written this title in the author’s style.

Last comes the author’s perspective; in this section, you will understand the author’s viewpoint.

How Much Does Instaread Cost?

As we have said, this application is like every other summary reading application flooding the internet that uses a subscription model.

You need to sign up for its free-trial first to test this application. Yes, you will have a trial period valid for 7 days. However, the critical difference is that you can access all its contents during the trial period. Many applications limit their content accessibility during the trials, and you can unlock the rest by availing of its membership.

Instaread subscription plans are available in two slabs that are monthly and yearly. Generally, the monthly subscription plan is fixed at $8.99 per month, and when you choose a yearly plan, it goes down to $7.99 a month.

Instaread also gives you a limited-time discount on yearly subscription plans. So, when you sign up, keep an eye on this offer. Also, different deals and offers show up regularly, so when you find your reliable subscription plan, do take the chance.

Is Instaread Worth It?

So, now that you have completed reading this article, what do you think will be availing the Instaread’s premium services?

But it is important to note that Instaread is one of the world’s best book summary applications. If you like to read in-depth and long summaries, you should go for it.

If you happen to love both fictional and non-fictional titles, you know Instaread is for you. Instaread has its articles, Instaread Originals, daily insights, and much more to keep you on the go.

It does not matter how much information I provide you; the call is yours if you wish to go for its services. But Instaread can indeed leave an impression on your life.

Before you think more about this, why not apply for its free trial? At least you will understand its interface, terms, and conditions, and if it will work out for you. Sign up for Instaread’s free trial today at Instaread Free-Trial.


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