How Does Work? – Is Legit? [in 2022]

Listening to audiobooks would always calm you down, especially if it is entertaining or you are learning something new. It is a good thing there is such thing as where you can listen to some of the best.

What is is a website that has over 250,000 audiobooks that you can listen to and the library just keeps on increasing each month with new collections.

how does work - is it legit

When you subscribe to the website, you can choose to listen to some of their audiobooks. The number of audiobooks that you can listen to would increase each month.

How does work?

When your subscription is confirmed you are going to get two audiobooks per month. One from their regular list and another from their VIP list which actually changes every month. If you fail to use your credit this month then don’t worry because you can use it again next month or the month after that.

It is normal to run into problems with this service. Don’t worry though because they have a highly-trained customer service team who are ready to help you in any way that they can. No matter what time it is, you can call them up and they will help you as soon as possible.

How much does cost?

The monthly membership costs $14.95 per month. Once your membership is confirmed you can get two free books in the first month, From there, you can listen to one book per month and these books cost a lot of money on Audible. If you want to listen to more books on their website, then they will allow you to do that for an additional charge.

The additional amount you will need to pay to listen to more audiobooks is considerably less since it is all about the perks of being a member. It even has a cool feature where you don’t have to worry about forgetting where you left off because it will get saved so that is where you will get to when you try and resume reading.

Is legit?

It is absolutely legit as many people wrote wonderful reviews about this service. If you are curious as to how this service would benefit you then you can always try the free trial. Once you sign up for the free trial, you will get an audiobook and another two from the VIP section.

The VIP selection contains books that are so good that you may not even hear about some of them yet so you can be the first among your group of friends to read the one you choose there. When you see the titles in the VIP section, you won’t have to think twice about listening to those books as they are pretty popular.

If ever you are not pleased with the free trial, then you can cancel any time you want. You won’t even experience any form of hassle when the time comes that you want out of it. Not only is the library huge, but you also will not experience any problems finding the book that you want to read due to how easy to use the platform is.

Other Information Related to

When you purchase something from, it will be with you forever so you can choose to read it tomorrow or even next month. Before you purchase an audiobook, you can get a feel of it by listening to a short preview so you know if the narrator is any good. Don’t worry though because the narrators they have are pretty good at what they do.

There is the option to download the books you want so that you can listen to them offline. That is actually good news if you are at a place that has a poor Internet connection. As a result, you can download the books before you go there or when you go to a place that has a good connection.

Compared to other websites offering similar services, this website only offers this service and nothing else. Thus, you can expect top-notch service from them and only the best titles that you would ever find. It surely does not random books that have gotten terrible feedback.

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