GetAbstract Review: Features, Cost, Is It Worth It? [in 2022]

Are you looking for a reliable book summary reading platform? Well, getAbstract is the place. There are many reasons why one may choose this app over the others. And yes, this application is one of the oldest applications specially designed for readers.

Read on to know more.

What is getAbstract and How Does It Work?

As you can guess from its name, getAbstract is one of the oldest online summary reading applications. It was officially launched in 1999 and has a massive collection of summaries; perhaps it has the most extensive collection of all.

getabstract review

Many applications in this industry feature only book summaries, but now it’s the summary app giant we are talking about. Of course, you can find all types of book summaries, but getAbstract also features excerpts on informative articles, videos like the TED Talks, and reports.

As an excellent summary reading application, getAbstract functions are easy to navigate. The getAbstract application is available for the web, iOS, and Android. You can download this app for free, but this app works over a subscription model. Hence, you need a membership plan to access all its contents.

You can register yourself to getAbstract by using your Gmail account, Facebook account, Twitter Account, or Xing account. The interface of getAbstract is pretty simple to understand and does not contain confusing features that can spoil one’s user experience. Anyone who knows how to operate a computer can easily use this application.

Features and Benefits of getAbstract

Being one of the oldest summary reading apps, getAbstract bagged many features. Let us take a glance at what it has to offer

#1 Recommendation

The first section provides you with a brief review and shares what the book is actually about. Recommendations are shown with respect to the kind of content you’re consuming on the platform. The recommendation is the piece of text that sets an impression on the summary that you are planning to read.

#2 Takeaways

Short and crisp. Takeaways are good if you are an impatient reader. The takeaways are the key insights that help you figure out if the summary is worth reading. Also, reading the insights means you have read 85% of the summary. This feature comes in handy if you want to know what the story is all about.

#3 Summary

The central part for users paying or investing in this application comes. As you open up a summary, you will see headings, bold texts, and quotes that make it pretty easy for you to read or scan the piece of writing.

In general, summaries are short, precise, and on-point. You will never see a summary that talks about anything else. Reading summaries gives you a lot of vital information, and as this information is always in bits and pieces, you can absorb a lot of info in one go.

However, the backdrop is you will miss the events in the story.

#4 Author Profile

Readers first love authors. How can you not love to read about the author of your favorite book? Sometimes when we like a story, we urge to know more about the author. For such a situation, getAbstract has provided an Author’s section, where you can provide brief information about the one who spends days framing the story or title.

#5 Display Preferences

Sometimes eReading can cause eye strains. And being perfectly aware of their platform, getAbstract features various themes and display types that do not cause eye-irritation, and you can read in peace for as long as you want.

getAbstract provides you with cream, white, and dark themes. Leaving these, you can also alter the texts’ brightness and size.

#6 Switch to Audio

The majority of the books available in getAbstract come with audio summaries. However, some summaries do not come with pre-recorded audio.

There is a back plan that getAbstract has arranged for you. the summaries that do not have an audio version will offer you a text-to-speech feature here; you will listen to the summaries, even though it will be a robotic voice.

#7 Download and Read Later

What if you tell you that getAbstract allows users to download its content and read or listen to it later? Yes, it is true. Sometimes, it is not possible to read or listen to things online; it may be due to several reasons such as power cuts, network fluctuations, etc.

Hence, you can download your desired content and read it later, or you want good company while driving, exercising you can always rely on the recorder version of the summaries.

#8 Compatibility

getAbstract does not cause many issues with device compatibility. It can support functioning on any device, be it desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, Androids, or iPhones; it hardly matters.

You can quickly run the app and enjoy its services on our regular devices anywhere and anytime you like.

#9 Collection

It would be pointless to invest in an application that does not have a good collection of book summaries. But, when you try getAbstract, you will be impressed by its collection.

It is also a fact that your subscription directly affects the number of book summaries that you can access. But, the plan hardly matters, as you should know that you have access to one of the biggest summary collection apps in the world.

You can easily find book summaries on these topics –

Career, Management, Life Advice, Leadership, Project Management, Professional Development, Strategy, Innovation, Biographies, Politics, Environment, Society, Science, Corporate Finance, Sales, Technology, Marketing, Human Resources, Corporate IT, Economics, so on and so forth.

Not just these, there is a lot more starting from Power, Branding, Business, Mindfulness, Stress, Creativity, Cybersecurity, Psychology, Money, Habits, etc. the list typically goes on.

How Much Does getAbstract Cost?

Like I said earlier that the subscription plan directly affects the summaries you can access. The subscription plan of getAbstract is divided into two categories; starter and pro plan.

The starter plan of getAbstract gives you access to 5000 summaries for a value of $99 a year. While the pro plan of getAbstract offers you access to 20,000 summaries for a cost of $299 a year. The pro plan lets you send Kindle summaries, create playlists, etc..

Not just this, getAbstract offers one year of free memberships to students; however, students must provide proof of their enrollment to claim their memberships. Again, there are two premium memberships that getAbstract offers to students. One is Student Starter and is offered to students for free. While the Student Pro is available for $59 a year.

For other individuals, getAbstract offers you a three days trial.

Is getAbstract Worth It?

So, as you have read through this entire article, will you be availed for getting Abstract’s premium membership to be available?

Now, if you happen to be the one who loves to read, discover more, and do have the time to do so, this app is the one you should pick.

First, if you happen to be a student, you can avail yourself of getAbstract’s student starter plan for free, and if it’s still not enough, you can apply for the Student pro at a value of $59 a year or $4.9 a month.

Again, getAbstract is one of the best summary reading apps because of its cost factor, but it supports multi-language. One of the oldest applications has a vast collection of booking summaries.

Why not test the application all by yourself? Use the free trial and see if it satisfies your conditions. Sign up for getAbstract’s free trial today!

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