The Millionaire Fastlane Summary – MJ DeMarco’s Best Book You Must Read

MJ DeMarco knew he wanted to be rich when he saw his first Lamborghini. Like most readers, he thought wealth meant riches, and visions of a monopoly-style man diving into a pot of gold emerges. Throughout his journey, he realized that wealth has little to do with being rich, it is about having a healthy and balanced lifestyle and using money as a form of currency to trade for time.

Here is a summary of The Millionaire Fastlane, Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime highlighting the best concepts and ideas we have got from reading it and we are also going to tell you whether it is worth reading the complete book.

The Millionaire Fastlane Summary

The title of The Millionaire Fastlane is a bit of a misnomer, as it was written to entice everyone to read it. In your head, you may see “Fastlane” and think “get rich quick” which has been disproven over and over again as a sustainable way to produce long-lasting and even generational wealth.

The Millionaire Fastlane Summary - MJ DeMarco

The book is true to its roots, there is a “Fastlane” to success, however, this does not mean a shortcut. It is only fast if you put in the effort, hours and change the way you think about money.

This book can both be summarized in a few points, or even an entire journal or essay. There are big concepts introduced in the book that mostly have to do with mindset rather than producing income.

The Millionaire Fastlane aims to define the true meaning of wealth and how to get there quickly. This means you may upset a few people in your non-traditional methods of obtaining wealth. Let’s go over the three main points of the Millionaire Fastlane:

Best ideas from DeMarco’s Millionaire Fastlane

The Definition of Wealth

DeMarco defines wealth in three different ways: freedom, relationships, and health. The adage “money does not buy happiness” is true to a point.

It has been shown that after a certain income when all needs are met and there is money left over for investment and entertainment, happiness only marginally increases with money. The former of the above list is where money can help; Freedom means having the option to spend your time however you choose, without needing to restrict it.

This section aims to change the psychology of money and is not a step-by-step guide to personal finance. Understanding that money is a unit of currency, where its only value is what it is traded for, will significantly affect your mindset regarding wealth creation.

Understanding the importance of acquiring healthy romantic, platonic and professional relationships – and being in good shape and health – is setting up the building blocks for a successful life. The only thing that remains is having enough money to spend your time cultivating these relationships and focusing on your health and pleasure.

Sacrificing your time for passive income

A very real way of obtaining money is traditionally to retire at old age with investments, a pension, and decades worked in a corporate or employed environment. Personal finance books laud the importance of investing and increasing your income, and while this is a tried and true method, it is also a “get rich slow” method.

If you are enticed by the title of this book and have read it thus far, you are most likely interested in fast-tracking your progress to financial success, so that you can spend your “golden” years much sooner than you thought.

This is where the title of the book becomes a bit of a misnomer. To “fast-track” your success, your income generation needs to be able to scale quickly and become independent of your time. This will mean investing in yourself rather than taking the traditional employment and retirement account approach.

In this section, DeMarco posits that you need to create something that will put your roadmap on the Fastlane. This could be a business, high sales commissions, or a product. This can also be done at any age, anywhere from the teenage tech entrepreneur or influencer to Ray Kroc, who started McDonald’s at age 52.

Thinking like an owner, not an employee

When you think of a business owner, you may think of someone that produces something. They produce solutions, products, jobs and create community opportunity and wealth as it grows.

Most will have an employee mindset to begin, the employee mindset is to maximize your hourly or annual pay and reduce your expenses. At this end of the day, humans are conditioned to think in terms of consumption, rather than production.

Over time, media has increased its exposure, and the bombardment of news, images, and social platforms have increased the information intake that you can handle.

Ads, billboards, messages, videos, etc. entice you to buy or compare yourself to others in terms of material success. It is extremely difficult to enjoy your life or be happy when you are in a constant state of comparison, evaluation, and envy.

Thinking as a producer and limiting information to only what you need to build a successful business or product will serve everyone to fast-tracking their success. Purchase only what you need and shop intelligently. Stop thinking “I can’t afford this” and start thinking “What can I do to afford this?” switching your mindset to that of creation is extremely powerful.

Reflect on some ideas and recognize opportunities on how you can get started today on creating something that provides a solution to others. Not only will it feel good to make a change, but you will also be producing something that is eventually independent of trading your time for money.

The Millionaire Fastlane Review & should you read the complete book?

The entire book should be read as it is extremely difficult to break down the entire roadmap blueprint into a summary post. Things such as creating the right mindset, flaws with the traditional approach, and the reason why competition is beneficial can be further explored in this book entirely. Readers that are already on a path of the traditional personal finance approach may be able to learn something new, but would not find too much value if set in your ways.


As with most books that focus on entrepreneurship and sales rather than personal finance, this book is more about mindset and perseverance than actual calculations and percentages. The willingness to never give up and to see a good idea through is of utmost importance to your Fastlane success. DeMarco recounts his story in detail of business failures to the eventual sale, repurchase, and re-sale of his business. The Millionaire Fastlane will provide a roadmap, not a shortcut to sustainable wealth.

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