Rich Habits Summary – The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals – Thomas C. Corley’s Best Book On Financial Habits

“If you don’t take control of your daily habits, your daily habits will take control of you.” For Corley, the most common habits that bring down people in life include procrastination, poor eating habits and lack of exercise, not prioritizing important tasks in the morning, making excuses for inaction, and spending too much time watching TV.

This article summarizes the best-selling business book Rich Habits by Thomas C Corley. In five key points, it explains how to change your habits using the cycle of success as a model for action.

Rich Habits book summary

This book is a guide to building better habits. Corley argues that you will never succeed long term without taking control of your daily routines. He breaks these habits into three categories: people skills, discipline, and consistency.

Rich Habits - The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals book summary

People Skills

Corley argues that most unsuccessful people don’t realize the value of ‘people skills’ in building a successful career. These include communication, prioritization, assertiveness, motivation, teamwork, practicing empathy, conflict management. If your aim is to be more successful at work, you need to strengthen your people skills.


For you to be successful at building better habits and changing your life, you need the courage to make changes. Corley argues that discipline is what separates successful people from unsuccessful ones. He states ‘tendencies don’t make a man, the effort to change does’.


Corley argues that discipline alone is not enough to change your life. Over time, it takes consistent effort to build healthy daily habits like working out, avoiding junk food, reading books, and meditating. Once you develop these habits, it becomes easy for you to follow them because they will be part of your routine.

Success in life requires taking action every day. Reading this article will help you build better habits every day that will lead you to success.

Main ideas from the Rich Habits book

In five key points, this book explains how to change your habits using the cycle of success as a model for action.

1. The Cycle Of Success

I)Define your goals and planned actions first

People who set goals succeed more often than those who don’t. You need to know what you want and plan how to get there before taking action.

II)Break big goals into smaller sub-goals

Make sub-goals for each main goal. For example, if your topmost objective is to lose weight, you need smaller goals like drinking more water and eating fruits instead of junk food.

III)Create strong daily habits that support your sub-goals

To achieve your goal, take one small step every day. Build good daily habits that support you in achieving your goal, like having a reminder.

2. The Power Of Self-Discipline

Discipline separates successful people from unsuccessful ones because it takes consistent effort over time to build healthy daily habits like working out, avoiding junk food, reading books, and meditating. Once you develop these habits, your everyday life is easy because they will be part of your routine.

Building good daily habits take, but once you establish them, they become part of you.

3. The Cycle Of Achievement

Create big goals with a sense of purpose. People are more satisfied when they have a sense of purpose behind their goals, so define what you are aiming for.

Put your goals into writing to increase commitment, accountability, and motivation. What you write down becomes your commitment for the future.

Keep personal history in perspective to maintain the right mindset. You should not compare your life to others’ lives because you cannot control what others do.

Use a committed accountability partner to help you stay committed. Accountability is necessary to motivate you.

Lastly, celebrate your progress and achievements, no matter how small they seem.

4: The Cycle Of Personal Development

Identify your weaknesses and stop them from impacting you daily. Prioritize self-improvement as a major priority in life.

Find motivation from within to keep you going during tough times. Many successful people say that you have to be motivated from within.

Lastly, stay focused on your long-term ambition to get the most out of life.

5: The Cycle Of Relationships

Don’t take people for granted and stay in touch with friends and family to keep them in your life. Relationships are essential for self-esteem and happiness, so don’t take people for granted.

Reflect on how to improve your relationships with other people. It would help if you reflected on improving your relationships with the people around you because they will significantly impact your life.

In summary, the five ideas are setting goals and sub-goals, using self-discipline to form daily habits that support those goals, having a sense of purpose behind your goals, creating long-term ambition for life, and improving ‘people skills.’

Who should read vs. who shouldn’t read the book Rich Habits?

This book is for people who struggle to live a fulfilling and successful life. People who feel like they are stuck in a rut and looking for a change or those who want to be more successful at work should read this book.

This book would be a perfect gift to give to somebody who is feeling like they need a change in life.

Who shouldn’t read this book?

People who don’t want to improve themselves and those who are lazy should not read this book because it can be discouraging for them.

Review of the book

What are the positives from Rich Habits

  • This book can help you find the motivation to pursue your goals and aspirations
  • This book is full of life lessons that everyone should try to follow.
  • It highlights the importance of relationships in life.

What are the negatives of this book?

  • It might be challenging for someone new who has no knowledge of these topics to get started.

Overall, Rich Habits is a great book that everyone interested in maximizing their potential in life should read. It has some precious lessons, and I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking to improve themselves.

Should I read the complete book?

Yes, the complete book offers a lot more helpful advice that you can use. Completing the book will help you maximize your potential through the use of sub-goals.

The book is not expensive, and it only takes a few hours to read. Buy a personal copy of the book and discover your way to a more successful life.

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