Influencer: Building Your Personal Brand in the Age of Social Media Book Summary

Have you ever thought of creating social media content and making money out of it? Well, I can’t blame you as there are tons of influencers out there earning thousands of dollars with just a single viral video or photo. It’s exciting to think that you might be able to achieve that kind of status too, with proper knowledge and guidance.

Lucky for you because there is a book called Influencer: Building Your Personal Brand in the Age of Social Media by Brittany Hennessy, which tackles building your personal brand and becoming a social media influencer. I know you’re curious about what you can learn from this book to start your career. So, here’s an Influencer book summary to give you some idea about this wholesome book.

Influencer book summary

Starting an online career has been one of the luxurious professions these days. You don’t only get the privilege of being famous, but you also get to enjoy its perks like earning and traveling. So, it’s not surprising that plenty of people is interested in optimizing their social media and creating their own brand.

Influencer - building your personal brand in the age of social media book summy

In Brittany Hennessy’s Influencer: Building Your Personal Brand in the Age of Social Media, she shares the basics of using your social media such as Facebook and Instagram to build your personal brand. She wrote 272 pages containing insightful content, tips, and guides on being a social media influencer.

The book also contains the hows and whats of producing effective online content to boost your career. With some insights and experiences of some known influencers included in the book, it significantly impacts aspiring ones.

“Influencer” book is a blueprint to jumpstart a social media career with essential information about charging suitable rates for each content. You can also find here the right way of offering sponsorship proposals to particular brands. All in all, the “Influencer” is like the bible, written ideally to inspire, guide, and teach the path to build a personal brand on social media.

Main Ideas in Brittany Hennessy’s Influencer Book Summarized

The “Influencer” of Brittany Hennessy breaks down three main ideas, covering all the dos and don’ts of becoming a social media influencer, including the steps in building your online community, creating your brand, and monetizing your career.

Growing Your Online Community

According to the book, there are various factors that you should consider in growing your followers and boosting engagements on your content. The factors include the social media platform where you’re posting, target audience, and posting content.

In terms of choosing the platform, the author suggests for you to only have the accounts that you can manage. You don’t have to be all over various platforms. Instead, you should focus on major social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

You can find in her book the best strategies and tips on how you can optimize each channel. Plus, she also includes a few reminders that you should avoid when using these platforms to prevent issues in the long run.

Finally, the author provided insights into successfully growing your followers by considering your audience and content. She emphasizes having consistency, the right attitude, and being insightful when creating and posting content.

Building Your Personal Brand

As the title suggests, building a personal brand is part of the book’s main subjects. In this part, you’ll learn that in this digital age, it’s not enough to just be there– you have to stand out. There are lots of other people like you who also want to take advantage of social media.

You’re not the only one wishing to get paid while traveling to various countries or eating at known restaurants. So, Brittany pointed out to be unique by producing high-quality content, engaging with your audience, and having the right skills.

Moreover, in this book, you will also learn how to calculate your engagement rates and use the tools on each platform. It’s a lot to take in, but if you’re really dedicated to becoming a digital influencer, you need to invest your time and effort in learning all that needs to be learned.

Monetization of Content

As you probably wonder, I know you’re curious about the earnings that you can possibly get once you successfully launch your career. Well, in the “Influencer” book of Brittany, you’ll have the idea of the rate and possible profit you’ll get from each platform.

The author included all the factors to base your rate on each sponsored post you make. According to her, you should consider the number of your followers, content quality, your skills, engagement rate, and the investment you pour into making the content.

Who Should Read Influencer: Building Your Personal Brand in the Age of Social Media?

This book is perfect for all aspiring digital influencers who wish to know the best way to have a successful career. It’s essential to learn what you should do and not do when starting and during your career.

Pros and Cons of the Influencer Book

The “Influencer” book is a comprehensive guide and reference for all of you who want to start an online journey and get to enjoy the perks of being an influencer. You can learn all the basics of marketing your own brand and keeping your career in the long run. It’s full of helpful insights and inspirational content that an aspiring influencer should read and understand.

The only downside of the book is it was written in 2018, already for years have passed, making some of its content outdated. As technology continuously advances, the algorithm of the social media platforms mentioned in the book also upgrades. But, on the brighter side, most of the book “Influencer” content is still applicable in today’s time. So, it’s still worth reading.

Should I read the Complete Influencer book?

If you’ve learned something from this Influencer book summary, you’ll definitely learn more when you read the complete book. You’ll find there a comprehensive explanation of all the main ideas I shared here in this summary.

Moreover, there are lots of essential subjects about building your own brand that is not mentioned here, so it’s better to get yourself the book itself. The book is definitely a worthy investment with all the excellent insights and a comprehensive guide on becoming a social media influencer.

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