Beyond Order Summary – Jordan Peterson’s 12 More Rules To Live By

Beyond Order by Jordan Peterson is a book that talks about how you could make sense of the modern world’s mess as well as teach you how to restore law and order in your everyday life. This article is a book summary of Beyond Order, I will be discussing Beyond Order: 12 more rules for life summary, its lessons, the book’s main ideas, and a lot more.

Summary of the Beyond Order book

In addition to Jordan Peterson’s bestselling book 12 Rules for Life, Beyond Order outlines additional 12 rules to abide by that can help us cope with and even welcome the turmoil we face on a daily basis. The book recognizes that too much organization can be just as problematic as a lack of it.

Beyond Order Summary - Jordan Peterson sequel to 12 rules for life

You are urged to proceed deeper in Beyond Order. You will not be satisfied if there is total order or complete disorder. As a result, Peterson’s 12 more rules in life inspire readers to explore the realm beyond. This book is a must if you want to adapt to a constantly changing world.

He tackles the dilemma of too much order by calling on his own different experiences and scientific insights. He will assist you in finding the right balance between the worry of disorder and the stagnation of order through his guidance.

According to Jordan Peterson, “explored territory” is a place where what happens may be foreseen and, in many situations, desired. Novelty, disruption, unpredictability are all aspects of chaos. There is a need to travel past order to the realm of chaos to find regeneration when there is too much order, such as totalitarianism.

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Main ideas from Beyond Order

#1 The Key to Success Is imagination

Your future self’s mind has the power to alter your present self. The key to self-improvement, according to Peterson, is creativity. One of the most successful people see and do things that no one else had ever seen or accomplished before. And they offered their disarray as a challenge to the social order.

We are all a mix of culture and nature. A magnificent story can motivate us with an unequaled drive from a cultural standpoint. As a result, our imagination is a valuable resource. It permits us to address the world’s uncertainties on our terms.

#2 Happiness can be produced by taking responsibility

When you take on duties, you have the opportunity to flourish in areas where others have given up. Since they are looking for simpler ways to satisfy their goals, people tend to steer away from responsibilities and postpone their tasks. Social media is an excellent illustration of this. We get a quick dosage of dopamine from subscribers, comments, and likes.

In the meantime, we open ourselves up to greater prospects when we perform the required tasks. When we give up today’s delights for the sake of tomorrow, we often reap greater rewards. Nothing could equal the sense of satisfaction when we achieve our objectives. No matter how difficult they may be, responsibilities offer significant routes that promote satisfaction.

#3 Don’t be hindered by your past experiences

Both as an offender and as a survivor, memories can be traumatic. In any case, you should not allow prior experiences to influence your present situation. Putting them down in-depth and with care is the greatest method to deal with these feelings.

Saying this, you will be better able to face your feelings and prevent them from affecting your choices. You have not correctly processed a memory if you are still psychologically influenced by it. Processing this memory is facilitated by expressing it and writing down notes with as much depth as possible.

#4 To stay positive, you have to find your calling

Uncertainty is closely linked with being a human being. Nature’s wrath can harm our well-being, and we can be damaged by society and personal deeds of evil. But, this isn’t to say that we can’t be nice people or that humanity can’t be better.

So, to summarize this part of Beyond Order: 12 more rules for life, our society would be incomparably better if we all kept our hate, deception, and pride to a minimum. Diligence and a constant sense of purpose are the best ways to protect yourself from these evil thoughts. You can resist bitterness, deception, and hubris by finding meaning in your life.

Who should read vs. who shouldn’t read Beyond Order?

If you were intrigued with the Beyond Order: 12 more rules for life summary, then you should definitely read this book. This work is perfect for anyone looking to move ahead and not hold on to the past. Jordan Peterson’s novel greatly focuses on how to get your life together and how to incorporate healthy habits for a much more productive future.

If there are still things in your past that you can’t let go of, then this might not be the book for you. As his advice focuses on moving forward, it might be a little difficult for you to follow the wisdom he leaves to his readers.

However, if you think that you are ready to move on and take a positive step forward, this book will not let you down.

Review of the book

To summarize my final impression of the book Beyond Order: 12 more rules for life, this novel is very clear and concise, wherein a lot of readers would clearly understand his point. Furthermore, his ideas hold a lot of value to the extent where you would really fall for the advice and be motivated to fix your life for the better.

Jordan Peterson explains in-depth how we could manage chaos, practice order, and still be able to continue improving along with the constant changes that our society goes through. This is truly a book to remember.

Should I read the complete book?

The answer is a big fat yes! Especially if you have enjoyed some of the main ideas stated in this post. Reading the complete book instead of just reading Beyond Order: 12 more rules for life summary can provide you with so much more advice on taking your life improvement journey to the next level.

This book is jam-packed with many life lessons that you should never miss. With all that stated, I hope you do end up falling in love with this book as much as I have. And I look forward to hearing your insights on it as well.

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