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Are you looking for an app to listen to some classic and bestseller audiobooks? You have landed on the right page. In this review, we will provide you with a review of an audiobook app service, introduce its main features and share our opinion on whether it’s worth the monthly subscription. Here, you will get everything that you need to know about

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What Is and How Does It Work? was the first application that came up with an excellent idea of providing people a swift and easy access to audiobooks. Yes, this was the first application to develop to provide a platform where the users could go and listen to audio versions of their favorite books. review

If you are an audiobook subscriber, you know that you get to access thousands, thousands of audiobooks at pretty budget-friendly prices. firmly believes that reading books makes you happy and helps you grow academically and spiritually.

And this is the fact that has been working at the company’s core; you know why they offer such an excellent service. works on a principle that Audible adapts. If you have used Audible, you know that Audible offers you a monthly credit, and credit varies as you increase the subscription plan.

Initially, you pay $14.95 each month and earn a credit every month. These credits are used in an exchange of books.  However, if you are limitless, sign up for VIP, where you get only books for free. So technically, you can listen to all you want.

Some apps will charge you an extra sum of money if you wish to read more.

Features and Benefits of

If you are wondering about its features and benefits, here is what you need to know. Read on.

#1 Collection is known for its collection. As we have already mentioned, the entire idea of the app is to make the readers happy and help them grow. comes with an enormous collection of 200,000 titles. Not just this, is also famous for its podcasts; you can easily find a podcast to listen to as there is a collection of 1.2 million podcasts in its library.

And again, it comes with a VIP plan as well, where it stocks more than 150 exclusive titles, and these titles renew their stock on the first day of every month.

Therefore, there is no single chance for a user to get bored.

#2 Free Trials

When looking up an application, free trials are always pretty interesting, and when you use it, you get to understand its interface, how it works, terms, and conditions.

Well, has added some spice to its 30-day free trial scheme. Even though you add your credit card credentials, you have to apply for your free trial.

Other applications limit your access to their titles, but guess what gives you three books for free (one from regular and two from the VIP exclusives), along with a 30-day free trial.

#3 Device Compatibility

Well, if you happen to own a variety of devices and wish to cast or stream, I am afraid you will be able to do so.

Honestly, works efficiently on our virtual devices such as smartphones, iOS, Android, tablets, desktops, laptops, etc. has not discovered how to work with Alexa, Firestick, etc., but if you want to use it on regular devices, is amazing.

#4 Skill Building And Time Management

Not only but any platform that features audiobooks help its users significantly.

Most people in 2022 are fond of listening to podcasts. But listening skill still takes a back seat among several people these days. So, if you can improve your skillset by listening to audiobooks, podcasts are the way to go about it.. Many have chosen, listened to podcasts and the titles, and enhanced their skills.

Not only does it help you with skill development, but it also helps you with time management. Because reading a title can be very difficult for an individual as they have to focus and get immersed into that title and forget everything else.

But, having an audiobook allows you to multitask as well. You can listen to it while doing household chores, exercising, or driving. You can listen to it while doing absolutely anything.

#5 Buy Extra Books

You can subscribe to three collective books on in a month, but what if you want more?

Does allow you to buy different books? Yes. When an application’s primary idea is to let people read, why would it limit you from reading books?

There are three different ways to complete your purchase, and here is how you should do it –

  1. Head to the Deals section, you are more likely to find the most common deal, i.e., 2 for 1.
  2. Use InstaCredit – If you do not wish to leave the app, you can use this method. The InstaCredit feature only works when you have no credits left. If you haven’t enabled this feature, you better do it now. All you have to do is go to the settings and enable it. Then simply follow as they direct.
  3. Use A La Carte – Using this option will need you to go to its official website, allowing the users to purchase books out of the credit system.

How Much Does Cost?

As we have mentioned earlier, is available at a budget-friendly price, but what’s important is that you have to determine if you are convinced with this application.

Now, offers you a free-trial scheme, where you get three audiobooks for free and a free-trial period for 30 days. You will have 30-days’ time to decide if you want to go with it or not; however, you cannot sign up for a free trial if you do not provide them with your credit card credentials. charges a sum of $14.95 every month, and you get three premium books, access to their titles, and podcasts.

Also, has a VIP Selection as well. The VIP of stocks exclusive titles. The VIP plan has a collection of about 150 exclusive titles in as many genres as possible. These titles stay for a month and change on the first day of the upcoming months.

Here, you get two books for free when you sign-up, and then one book each month after that, while you have to buy exclusive titles on other applications such as Audible.

Is Worth It?

As you have read this article, what do you think, is going to be a good pick for you? Well, if you are not sure of it, why not sign for its free trial now? You will get three books for free and 30 days of trial, long enough time for you to decide. People who are into reading and listening generally do not miss it.

Yes, you should give it a go because of its cost factor, it is pretty minor, and you get unlimited access with a vast library of 1.2 million podcasts and 200,000 titles.

It also contains the Audiobook Club feature, which allows a member to get unlimited listening podcasts in which over 300,000 are classic and bestseller titles for 30 days.

Not just this, it has a pretty good device compatibility rate, compatible with all our regular devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Stay entertained using Audiobooks, get access to podcasts, titles, News, Audio-based magazines; sign-up for a free trial at today.

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