How Much Does Cost? [in 2022] provides not just books on every topic, but podcasts, audio magazines, news reports and meditation guides for your easy listening. Download the app for free and get books and podcasts on the go. It sounds amazing but how much does cost?

How Much Does Cost?‘s monthly subscription rate is $14.95 a month (plus taxes). This fee provides you with a credit. You can get one book per credit.

If you want additional books throughout the month, you can either purchase another credit on a one-time basis ($14.95) or up your subscription to get two or three credits per month. This will see the logical increase in pricing -$29.90 and $44.85 a month respectively. Another way to get books throughout the month is to purchase them from the app at the seller price (anywhere from $15 to $30 a book). Discounts and Promotions

To offset the cost of membership, constantly has discounts and promotions that allows you to enjoy more material for less.

Some of the site’s current promotions include the Valentine’s Day Sale (get romance novels starting at $3.99 a book), a Two for One Young Adult Books Sale and Two for One Biography or Memoir Sale. Members are also able to find select audiobooks starting as low as $2.99.

Another discount the website offers is the option to join their VIP club. Once a member, you have the option to become a VIP member. For no additional cost, you’ll be credited one free book a month from their VIP section.

Yet another way to make your credits stretch further is to join one of the eight AudioBook Clubs onsite. Available in a variety of genres including Fantasy, Romance, Mystery, and Kids’, signing up for the club of your choice takes one credit.

What it gives back is unlimited access to your chosen genre for the next thirty days. Once the month is up, you can sign up for a different audiobook club or sign up for the same one again and enjoy as many books as you want to during the following month.

What are’s Instacredits and How Do They Work?

One way to keep enjoying audiobooks even when you’re out of credits is the Instacredit option. This app-only feature of the site allows you to purchase more credits that are immediately credited to your account.

Next time you see a book you really want to hear, you don’t need to wait until the beginning of the month; simply find the book you want to hear on your app, click the download option and follow the instructions for getting Instacredits. More listening every month really is that easy.’s Free Trial

If this all sounds good, but you’re not sure the financial commitment will be worth it, never fear. offers a risk-free trial. You’re invited to sign up for a thirty-day free trial and will receive two extra credits during this time to ensure a fulfilling listening experience.

If for some reason, you choose to cancel your subscription before thirty days are up, there will be no penalties to you. If you don’t cancel the subscription, at the end of the thirty days, your account will be automatically billed, and you’ll receive a credit to begin your journey through a thousand different worlds.

One Last Way to Save offers coupons through multiple sites. These coupons cover subscription as well as individual book purchases. All you need to do is search coupons on a website such as and click the offer link to get the code.

Next time you log in to, redeem the code to apply the coupon. Easy as that you’ve got another credit for half off or a book for the fraction of its posted price.

Conclusion offers audiobooks, podcasts, news, and even meditation guides for download. Their monthly subscription is $14.95, but they do offer deals and promotions on their products after that for members.

Compared to how much you may pay for the same books in print form or from another vendor, the subscription price is reasonable. Even better, it’s like a bookstore in your pocket. Overall, this is a convenient, useful, and affordable listening app.

Marilyn Nissen
Written by Marilyn Nissen

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