How Much Does Audible Subscription Cost? – Audible Subscription Plan Prices [in 2022]

Audible is a podcast and audiobook service that permits users to buy and stream various audiobooks as well as other forms of verbal content. This article is going to solve all your queries regarding Audible and how much does audible cost.

How much does Audible cost?

If you are willing to purchase Audible then you have five options to choose from. Of course, before the purchase, you would like to discover your options. All the plans are mentioned below;

  1. Audible Plus – This plan costs you $7.95 every month without any credit.
  2. Audible Premium Plus – This plan costs you $14.95 every month with just 1 credit every month.
  3. Audible Premium Plus (2 credits) – This plan costs you $22.95 every month with 2 credits every month.
  4. Audible Premium Plus Annual (12 credits) – This plan costs you $149.50 every year with 12 credits in a year.
  5. Audible Premium Plus Annual (24 credits) – This plan costs you $229.50 every year with 24 credits in a year.

So these are your options. Paying a higher amount means more benefits.

Annual vs monthly  Audible prices

In case you’re prepared to commit to Audible, at that point selecting the annual pricing plans will actually provide you with more free audiobooks for your money. You will have to pay the same amount that you will be paying for the duration of 10 months thus you will be saving 30 dollars if you opt for the yearly plan. Also, the credits don’t come with an expiry date and there is no hurry to spend them one after the other.

But if you think paying annually will be a little heavy on your pocket then you can go for the monthly subscription. If you are a person who listens to Audible once in a while then taking the subscription monthly will serve to be more beneficial for you as you can purchase it when you want and unsubscribe when not using it.

Audible plus vs Audible premium plus

The Audible Plus plan is going to cost you 7.95 dollars per month while the Audible Premium Plus costs you 14.95 dollars per month. The difference between the two plans except their prices is the content that is offered in both the plans. The first plan will offer about 11,000 titles to its uses which include podcasts, original content and audiobooks. In the second plan, the users will have access to around 550,000 titles.

If you are a premium member then you can purchase books with credits while the plus members will have to give money to buy them. The plus members won’t have any access to the premium titles. A premium member can own a book forever but a plus member can’t do that.

The premium members get discounts on various things while the plus members enjoy no such benefit. The credits you get can be spent on expensive premium books rather than books priced at 5 or 10 dollars. Thus if you are a premium member your credits won’t go to waste as you will have a number of premium options to choose from. The best part is the credit can be used on any book whatever be its price. This is a great way of owning an expensive book for a lifetime.

Audible free trial

Audible provides you with a free trial that involves no risk and you get a good idea as to how the platform functions. The free trial is valid for a month and after that, you have to choose a plan. With every free trial, you receive 1 audiobook and 2 Audible Originals that you can select on your own.

They will remain with you even if you don’t opt for any monthly plan later. You will just have to provide a legitimate card before subscribing so that the platform knows it’s a valid person. If you don’t like the service you can cancel anytime.

Now you know all about the pricing plans of Audible and what all benefits the various plans carry. You may choose the plan that suits you the best from the above information. No better way to enjoy a story than Audible!

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